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My derby wife, Kittenspit!!



bonus sketch of isabelle and link 

couldn’t resist, they’re all so cute in the video ( ´ ▽ ` )




【A Thank you gift for fayren★】

This is supposed to be given since days ago after my first practice drawing of Windblade but due to my Museum Science Fair project + my unexpected broken of my tablet pen, everything went delayed;; 

But anyway! I was glad to be noticed by fayren >///<* I would really love to meet her in person in conventions but Japan is very far from America!! I cannot go visit her immediately because expensive; Orz I wish to visit her someday and give tons of gifts and maybe I might ask a commission from her so I can have her souvenir (´///`)=3 Eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii/////

But since It’s impossible for me to meet her in person, I made this gift instead! Thank you for following & likes my drawings, I’m honored to meet you!! (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・


Coralus, I don’t deserve you!! >///w///< <3 This is beautiful! Starscream’s face…. so perfect. And the way you draw Windblade is so adorable!!

I hope to one day be able to visit Japan, so maybe one day I can thank you for this in person! <3 

PS I’m Fay this is just my personal account~~~ \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in a while that I have a more personal tumblr account where I reblog and talk more, @fistfulofstars! And I reblog cute cute and amazing art like this.   I try to reply to asks more on that blog since I don’t have pressure to keep it clean and portfolio like, but I won’t lie, I’m honestly just a shy hermit and I have trouble keeping up with asks period so I apologize if you’ve contacted me and I haven’t replied yet. I’m the worst! 


123D Catch is an I-Phone and Android App that allows you to create 3D models by taking a bunch of pictures from various directions. These models can later be 3D printed. (Website)



source: robot-hugs

has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

This was perfect



Anatomy of a page: Edward Scissorhands #1 page 1. Breakdowns, pencils, inks, and colors by Drew Rausch; words by Kate Leth. 

Oh boy, your first look at Edward Scissorhands! I am so nervous and excited, I hope everyone likes it. We’ll have advance copies at NYCC and cover artist Gabriel Rodriguez will be there to sign with me! It seems like yesterday I was making fan comics about Locke and Key. Life is reeeeally cool.


Also on dA and Floraverse with more info!



Common affinities: Earth, Clay, Water, Air and Cloud elements

Notes: The majority of known Satyrs possess these elements as affinities.

Uncommon affinities: Fire and Fire subtypes

Notes: Satyrs with non-Earth affinities do exist, but are considered unusual. Fire and Fire subtype affinities are almost never seen in Satyrs. It is unknown if this is from biological or personality conditions.

Hereditary influence: Earth elements are easily passed down from parent to offspring as affinities. If a satyr is born from two non-Earth affinity parents, it will inherit at random one to two parental affinities. If only one parent has an Earth-element affinity, the offspring will usually always inherit it.

Environmental influence: Satyrs readily change affinities to match their environment, provided the environment is rich in an Earth element. If not, Satyrs tend to remain unchanged.

Elemental weaknesses, common: Fire, Ice, Acid

Notes: Satyrs dislike elements normally seen as destructive to wildlife, and more often than not are themselves susceptible to the harmful effects of these elements.

Elemental resistances, common: Clay, Earth, Water

Notes: These elements are favored among Satyrs for their ready ability to nurture plants and animals. Satyrs are familiar

with these elements even if not possessing an affinity for them.

Locations, common: Gnawth, Mica, Croon Fens

Habitation preference: Satyrs are a highly empathetic, social species. It is almost unheard of to find a Satyr living in isolation. They get along with all other major species on Owel, and readily integrate themselves into non-Satyr communities.

Climate preference: Satyrs enjoy temperate environments with moderate to frequent rainfall, with Gnawth being the best example of a climate they prefer. They dislike harsh environments. A general rule of thumb to go by is: if you can’t grow a forest there, Satyrs won’t want to live there.


- All Satyrs are born ambidextrous and remain so for the rest of their lives.

- Satyrs convert all ingested poisons, regardless of potency, into alcohol. The workings of this process are currently a mystery.

- Satyrs are highly compatible with other species regarding producing offspring, second only to Flowercats. Satyr hybrids are one of the most common hybrid types on Owel.

- Satyrs are mainly female, with an average of one in eight being male.

- Satyr-imps are a common sight in Hellside. Why is unknown.

- Satyrbuns have a tendency to have a snobbish attitude toward music or singing that lacks magic.

- Satyrbuns often feel that since their singing is innately magical, it is “better” than any other kind of singing. Since Satyrbuns are not necessarily skilled at singing itself, this can lead to arguments between an unskilled Satyrbun singer and a skilled non-Satyrbun singer.

- Flower Candies do have flowers and plants often growing from them, just like Satyrs, but usually in mineral form.

- It is very common to find Flower Candies that glow in the dark, or that have some sort of natural bioluminescence.

- Satyrqorns are only begrudgingly put up with in many communities, as their eccentric attitudes test the patience of everyone they meet.

- Satyrqorns almost always have extremely long, arbitrarily complex names, and will insist you call them by their full name whenever you address them.

- Satyrfoxes dislike being confused for pure Satyrs or for any other pure fox race.

- Satyrfoxes are commonly looked down upon by pure fox communities.



For those of you worried about the up coming changes, don’t be! As long as you have fun and love what you do. Stick around, pal! 

Things might surprise you!

so sweet, thank you! ;v; <3

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