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I like spoopy things, art, rocks and gems, brightly colored hair, video games and too many other things.

My derby wife, Kittenspit!!



This is my legacy to the fandom. AnimuBraum is late from his animu school.

❝ My parents died years ago. I was very close to them. I still miss them terribly. I know I always will. I long to believe that their essence, their personalities, what I loved so much about them, are - really and truly - still in existence somewhere. […] Plainly, there’s something within me that’s ready to believe in life after death. And it’s not the least bit interested in whether there’s any sober evidence for it. So I don’t guffaw at the woman who visits her husband’s grave and chats him up every now and then, maybe on the anniversary of his death. It’s not hard to understand. And if I have difficulties with the ontological status of who she’s talking to, that’s all right. That’s not what this is about. This is about humans being human. ❞


Carl Sagan on why sometimes it’s good to temporarily forgo your beliefs in order to respect someone else’s (via applepiesfromscratch)

Alternatively, Carl Sagan on (one of the reasons) why Richard Dawkins/many self-proclaimed atheists are assholes. (via imathers)






look @ this cute lil lady

i live for small lady

love u small lady

I don’t care if it’s already on my blog, stuff like this is always relevant

little bee tongue and antennae and fuzzy legs and cutie eyes!

you guys don’t even understand how much I love bees. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.


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"I will show you true power!"


村民 by とっと

※Permission from the artist has been granted.


Finally done! One of my last projects for my senior portfolio, I drew the top female emcees (at least from late 90s - today) as tarot queens.



Her Universe has announced the first wave of their new Marvel line! There’s more coming, including a Loki dress, Ashley Eckstein tells The Daily Dot. A Black Widow hoodie will be available at San Diego Comic Con. And Ashley herself will be voicing Dagger of Cloak and Dagger in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man.

The line is also part of Marvel’s own “Characters and Creators” initiative, which is targeting women and girls. (The new Ms. Marvel is an earlier example.)


I rendered Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman pose in 3D.

nonononononononono no


Skirmish: Shadow Arcade feat. Nicki Taylor

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